Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Messengers Of Nature

Found at Duck Pond in South Carolina
Ever felt as if when something appears over and over again, there is something about to happen?  It's what I've experienced more often the last few weeks since the full moon.  Everywhere I go, no matter where, feathers are always found at my feet.
I've always been told that feathers in your path is a good omen for things happening in your favor.
I know that it is.  Ever since the feathers keep collecting, everything I need is right at my fingertips.
No complaints here.  Just wanted to share how messages come in many different forms other than people.
My method for cleaning them when I get home is dish liquid, sea salt, lavender/jasmine oil, Florida water. Just cleanse, rinse, and put in favorite window to dry.

If you have any, share them with us.


Found at Falls Park in South Carolina

Much love,

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