Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Slurpee Date

Sister on left. Me on right.  Circa 4/21/2016
Just reminiscing my slurpee dates with my sisters at our neighborhood 7-11 store.  Those were the best days growing up.  The constant brain freeze kept me from wanting them so often but it sure helped me to cool off during those hot summer months.

One of my sisters still have this crazy fetish for them today.  If we're traveling and come upon a 7-11 in her view, she wants to stop at everyone one of them for a refill (LOL).

Going back home this coming weekend and really looking forward to my slurpee date with my sister and her children.  We always catch up on what's new with my nieces and nephew while we slurp away.

The moral of this post is that some memories are worth relishing.  Even just to make you smile.

Until next time........

Much love,

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