Monday, July 3, 2017

The Power of Clean Hands

Growing up, Mama and my Grandparents were real big on clean hands. Still are.
It passed on to me and my sisters.

For the longest it was taught to me in school how it helped to rid of germs.
But that's not what clean hands are to us.

In reality, clean hands are one of the most important rituals you can perform.
Cleaning rituals aid in restoring positive energy and resources. It is a means of protection from evil spirits.

Cleaning hands after the bathroom is more about stepping into life refreshed, renewed, revitalized, and enhances the significance of bringing in more resources of great health which is our great wealth.
You just rid yourself of things that were of no value to you.

Time to make room for more resources!

Cleaning hands and food before preparing a meal has more to do with the magic you are using on your family and loved ones for greatness (health, prosperity, protection). Your loved ones are prized entities. It's important to treat them as such (another post on this soon).

Cleaning hands before eating a meal has more to do with giving thanks to Mother Earth for the resources to be replenished. It also signifies you are reciprocating the yield with productivity for which you were created for in this era.

Clean hands also are saying, "I'm ready to be restored"! 
Get it?!

Our ancestors performed rituals with clean hands. Are you?

Much love,

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