Monday, July 17, 2017

Consciousness Of Odor

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While walking in the grocery store, I asked my husband what he smelled. He replied, "Nothing."  I said exactly.  I went on to tell him of how I remember how all the grocery stores had a variety of odors when you first walked into the store; as you walked around the store; and as you exited the store when I was a little girl.

We visited another local market that is Korean influenced.  I asked, "Do you smell that?"  He said,
Yes."  I said, "Now that is how I remember grocery stores smelling.  This is the smell of a market with non GMO produce."
There were smells of every meat and produce you saw. 

Most stores now have almost no smell when you walk in.  Does it ever bother you that the odor is gone?  It does me.  Especially with the fruit and vegetables.  There are no aromas to indicate what those items are.
Although some aromas are pungent, you knew you had a great head of cabbage when you walked in the door.  Something so simple sparked a memory of how they are supposed to smell.
With Veganism and Vegetarianism on the rise, its no wonder people are still gaining so much weight (in my opinion) with these special diets instead of losing weight. 
What is really going on with the produce industry today that a part of human enjoyment (at least to me - I knew produce was real with odor)  had to be stripped away from us?

While this may seem as a rambling to some, think about the difference in the scenarios I just submitted to you.   

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