Monday, July 10, 2017

Benefits of Music In Our Home

I grew up in a family where music was ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!!!

Still is!

As we got up in the morning for school or chores, we woke up to music playing or somebody in the house had already started a song and we would start chiming in harmoniously as we got our bearings from coming out of our slumber.

As we worked around the house, the orchard, or garden at our grandparents; we sang.
If someone wasn't feeling well; we sang.
If someone in the house started playing the piano, we'd come running to start harmonizing nothing short of 1 or 2 hours at a time.

Sometimes we made up songs acting silly which really raised the frequencies.
It set the mood for the entire day.
It also set the mood for the night.

It only took one person to get started and it would spread like wildfire as it is very contagious.

*Music is therapy*

Some of the benefits are:

• If your mind is perplexed about an issue, it deflects your mind to something more positive raising the frequency levels in your brain which controls the rest of you.

• Even for those dealing with dementia, it helps to restore memory (especially if you play music from that persons younger era).

• If you're ill, the high vibrations you're ingesting are raising the frequencies in your body to get it aligned for healing.

• If you are around someone who displays negative behavior often, play some of those healing vibes or start singing them. They are sure to change with the tune you are feeding them.

• It elevates your home tremendously.   

How do you use music in your home?  

Much love,

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