Monday, June 12, 2017

Unrecognized Entrepreneurship

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I remember growing up when life seemed complicated but it was a lot more simpler.  Although we
had major chores to do, families were more self sufficient than they are today.  We grew our own vegetables, had apple trees, pear trees, peach tree, grape vines, and we were the only family in town with a chestnut tree.
We were able to barter with our neighbors for anything else we needed they had that we didn't.  The money you made at work you mostly kept for bills instead of having to go to the store. One of our neighbors grew most every root and leaf you needed for tea and herbs.  Another one raised hens and chickens.  We traded with them all the time.
What I'm getting at is, it's very rare you see this anymore.  Most of the town has redeveloped with new businesses and they say it is for the better.  I personally think it only made us faster.  You buy everything from the stores now so most of your money is now out of the home instead of in the home.
How is it that we allowed ourselves to become entranced with a dollar bill that it caused us to be more dependent rather than independent?
We were already entrepreneurs during that time and didn't recognize it.
Don't mind me.  This is just one of those random memories that came up while reminiscing through our home town.  No, things aren't as they used to be.  But it would be nice if they were.

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  1. I think that we should get back to this way of life.

    1. Yes Kataurus, I think we should. We could save money and make money at the same time.