Monday, June 5, 2017

Lightning Attraction

Photo from Google images

Growing up, my parents were always horrified to find me front and center in the window when there was a storm.
What always drew me to it?

I'm still very attracted to lightning when I see it.

I love the way it moves.
I love the way it's shape is completely different than the last one I saw.
I especially love how silently, no matter what, it continues to do its job.

Why was lightning so important to me (and still is)?


The lightning was a part of me coming to replenish the nitrogen I depleted out of my body by striking (be it up, down, or sideways).

I was always very small growing up, but very muscular.
The nitrogen was much needed to activate the protein in my body for muscle growth.

The next time you're visited by lightning, give Thanks.

Much love,

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