Monday, May 15, 2017

Who Called Me Granny

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The origin of Granny began with my Godson whom I affectionately call Cee Cee.  He was my shining star.  When he started talking at a year old, his parents tried to get him to call me "God Mommy"; but he insisted on "Gammy" laughing each time he said it.  Of course I loved every time he said it, he was Granny's boy.  As time went on and Cee Cee's speech got better with age, he began saying Granny and so did every one else:  all Granny's Godchildren, their parents, the church, Students, and their parents, etc...

Of course you have the naysayers ranting about the use of a young person in her twenties being comfortable using the name Granny.  As usual, what did I care?! I loved it.  I told them at some point in my life, it would be the name that would bring me a great pay check.  And so, after starting this blog, I called it Elegant Granny; naming my company in honor of my Godson Cee Cee.  Turns out, EG is beginning to spread like wild fire.  So many magazines soliciting me for articles; radio shows soliciting for guest spots.  Thank you Cee Cee and to everyone else who enjoys Granny.  I appreciate you much.  If only I was able to show you as much as I can tell you. 

Much love,

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