Monday, May 29, 2017

Naked Detox

Growing up, we were encouraged to sleep with as less clothes as possible.
Old folks said, "It's good to let everything air out at night Gal so your cells can rejuvenate the right way. So let your body breathe." 
As I got older, I realized another important factor for sleeping naked with my spouse - DETOXIFICATION

The polarities of your Union (physically and spiritually) is the top ingredient in the two of you detoxing and replenishing one another at the same time while you sleep.
The more opposite you are, the greater.

It is a beautiful, calming, renewing cycle that should occur every night as possible (or whenever you sleep together).

Some other benefits sleeping naked with your spouse are:
1) a stronger bond
2) balances your melanin
3) help regulate your natural body temperature
4) better and deep sleep
5) enjoy the Dreamworld more as you sleep
6) boost your immune system
7) healthier sex organs
8) reduction in skin disorders

Old folks weren't crazy.
They knew how to keep us from the Doctor as much as possible.

Until next time ..........

Much love,

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