Monday, May 29, 2017

Naked Detox

Growing up, we were encouraged to sleep with as less clothes as possible.
Old folks said, "It's good to let everything air out at night Gal so your cells can rejuvenate the right way. So let your body breathe." 
As I got older, I realized another important factor for sleeping naked with my spouse - DETOXIFICATION

The polarities of your Union (physically and spiritually) is the top ingredient in the two of you detoxing and replenishing one another at the same time while you sleep.
The more opposite you are, the greater.

It is a beautiful, calming, renewing cycle that should occur every night as possible (or whenever you sleep together).

Some other benefits sleeping naked with your spouse are:
1) a stronger bond
2) balances your melanin
3) help regulate your natural body temperature
4) better and deep sleep
5) enjoy the Dreamworld more as you sleep
6) boost your immune system
7) healthier sex organs
8) reduction in skin disorders

Old folks weren't crazy.
They knew how to keep us from the Doctor as much as possible.

Until next time ..........

Much love,

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Monday, May 22, 2017

Ode To Zaan

No matter how many times you experience death of a loved one, you feel like this big heavy foot just landed in the middle of your chest and crushed your heart.  My little Zaan, although he was over 6ft tall, has transitioned to the other side.  It's always a little weird when the ones younger than you beat you to the other side.

Yep!  Granny is photobombing in the

What I remember of him most is his infectious dry humor.  He always found a way to make you laugh and he's just standing there with a straight face as if nothing happened.  Zaan was brilliant, unselfish, patient yet stern.  He enjoyed being with family and was always looking out for his baby sister Zaria.

Although he's no longer with us on this side, it feels good to no he's on the other side still looking out for his grandmother, mother, baby sister, and fiancé.

Zaan, I know this post is the shortest of my fondest memories, but I feel I would do you no justice if I said more.  Your exemplary life of how most women desire their son or man to be, you still are in Granny's memory.

Love you baby cousin ~ forever
And to all family members, love you too.

Much love,

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Monday, May 15, 2017

Who Called Me Granny

Photo from Google Images
The origin of Granny began with my Godson whom I affectionately call Cee Cee.  He was my shining star.  When he started talking at a year old, his parents tried to get him to call me "God Mommy"; but he insisted on "Gammy" laughing each time he said it.  Of course I loved every time he said it, he was Granny's boy.  As time went on and Cee Cee's speech got better with age, he began saying Granny and so did every one else:  all Granny's Godchildren, their parents, the church, Students, and their parents, etc...

Of course you have the naysayers ranting about the use of a young person in her twenties being comfortable using the name Granny.  As usual, what did I care?! I loved it.  I told them at some point in my life, it would be the name that would bring me a great pay check.  And so, after starting this blog, I called it Elegant Granny; naming my company in honor of my Godson Cee Cee.  Turns out, EG is beginning to spread like wild fire.  So many magazines soliciting me for articles; radio shows soliciting for guest spots.  Thank you Cee Cee and to everyone else who enjoys Granny.  I appreciate you much.  If only I was able to show you as much as I can tell you. 

Much love,

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