Friday, March 7, 2014

Changing My Mind So I Can Be Healthy

There are times when you are bullied for things you have no control over.  What people don't realize at the time is how it shapes your mindset as you get older.  Not only are you bullied in your childhood, but in your adult life as well.

As a child, I was teased for being so skinny by my peers and adults.  There were so many names and different things adults used to tell me about how people with more meat on their bones looked better.  I worked so hard to look better that I almost killed myself doing it.

Thing is, I ate more than anyone else in the house.  As I got older, my eating habits drove me to gaining more weight than my health could handle.  As a result, my asthma attacks became worse.  How I got over this mindset and change was a great journey.  You must get over how people feel about you so you can treat yourself better.

Here is a shot of my sisters and little cousins in the front.  That's me in the rocking chair hiding because I was always to myself because I never felt pretty enough to be in front of a camera. That rocking chair was soothing to me.  It helped me escape and not think about people's words.  The picture is blurred on purpose to indicate how I felt because of the words that taunted me from others because I was so small.

Children take in more than you realize.  It is so important to watch what you say and how you say it.  You never know what the result may be.  So glad I worked to get over how people feel about the way I look.  It has caused me to live my life over with so many possibilities being fulfilled.

Were you bullied as a child because of the way you looked?  Did it carry into your adulthood?  Share with us below.

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