Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Don't Give Up: You're Closer To Your Destiny Than You Realize

Until my oldest nephew moved to Texas, we would occasionally take road trips together.  The best part of the road trip was getting lost and finding our way to our destination.  Later, we would recount the reaction of the other person realizing we were lost and the process of getting to our destination.

Last week, I had a business lunch in Richmond with a new business friend, Dr. Traci Teasley.  She was willing to meet me half way, being we are 2hrs apart, but I wanted to continue on with my adventurous self and travel the whole distance alone.  Dr. Traci emailed directions to the Baker's Crust Restaurant, and the morning of the road trip, Granny was set.

Dr. Traci Teasley of Teasley & Associates in Richmond, VA

I made it to Richmond safely, but while there, I looked down briefly at the directions once again to see which exit I needed to take.  There were two that almost appeared the same.  As I looked up, I took what I thought was the right exit.  I knew it wasn't when I got to the third toll (the directions only mentioned one).  I asked the lady at full service toll which was the best way to get to my destination and she gave me directions from where I was.  I immediately called Dr. Traci to let her know I was in town but was attempting to get back on the right track.  At one point, I forgot a piece of the direction the lady at the toll gave me and called Dr. Traci back.  She attempted to assist me as well.  As it turned out, I was so much closer than I realized to my destination.  All I had to do was turn the corner at the end of the road.  I made it only losing 15min to my appointment time with Dr. Traci. 


The point is, there are so many times we are on our way to our destination (goals, dreams, aspirations) and we get a little distracted which causes us to get off track.  If we don't give up and continue to be adventurous as we usually would when traveling in unfamiliar territory (as becoming an Author for me), we will begin to see we are closer to our destination than we realize.  In the story above, I was only 15min. off course, but I made it.  In other areas of our lives, we are only off course just a little bit.  Don't Give Up!  You are so much closer than you realize.  Your destination is just around the corner.

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Is there a plan, dream, or goal, you're working on and became a little distracted?  Did the distraction take you off course?  Share with us below how you got back on course and made it to your destination/goal.

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