Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Granny's Secret Ingredient for Fantastic Eggs

Most of my life in the south has been centered around food.  Working around the house, food was set out to make sure we snack in between to keep our energy going.  Family and friends show up, food was always served to entertain them.  Singing rehearsals at our Grandparents house, food was always sitting around for us to snack on when we were hungry.  Anything happening at church, food was always served after service.  Is there any wonder why I post so many recipes of my favorite dishes on this blog? 

One question I'm asked all the time is, "Granny, what is your secret ingredient for your eggs?  They are the bomb!"  So I decided to share this secret ingredient I use in my fantastic eggs:

That's it in a nutshell. Just a splash of white wine mixed with anything else you use except milk (doesn't compliment each other well).  Any white wine you prefer to drink is good.  Granny never uses cooking wine.  Why would I when the greater stuff is in the house already?  I'm partial to my Robert Mondavi Private Selection.  I never stray from it and use it in a lot of my dishes.

Breakfast was really great Sunday.  No starches used this time.  I've trained myself to cut back on bread.

FYI:  Sunday is my "Be Greedy a Little Day". It's the day I allow myself to have a little more than usual.  Now you know the reason for the extra piece of veggie sausage on my plate.  Turns out, I was full before I got to it so I saved it for the next morning.

Much love,

Do you have a secret ingredient used in special dishes you're willing to shareWhat is the main compliment you receive when you use it?  Share with us in comments below.

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  1. Amazing I would of neer ever thought of using wine in eggs and I no longer eat eggs so I can not even try it.I stopped eating eggs about a yr ago...let me rephrase that...I only eat them incorporated in a recipe. I tried eating them about a month ago and the first fork almost made me sick. But that was a real secret.
    Living F.A.B.ulously on Purpose

    1. Yes ma'am, that was a secret. Everybody I suggest it to without them trying it first, usually gives me a YUCK.
      My Daddy always said, "If you can eat it or drink it, you can cook with it." So I decided to give it a try. So much better than the cooking wines.

      Good to hear from you again Margaret :)