Thursday, June 6, 2013

Cabbage and Kielbasa

One thing is for sure, my sisters and I always thought we were being rewarded when Nah Nah served us this dish when we were little.  Whenever we would sneak into the kitchen to see what she was cooking and saw the ingredients for this delightful meal, we were just as excited as if Christmas was the next day.  It is still one of our favorites to eat whenever we are together -- Cabbage and Kielbasa.

Me using Tofurky Kielbasa.  Regular Kielbasa is richer in color.

By the first sentence, you can tell we were stinkers for girls, huh.  Nah Nah used to say, "Raising my girls is like raising boys; rough and always hungry."
This recipe will include both Nah Nah's (beef) and my version (vegan). Two recipes in one post.  Lucky you!

Large head of cabbage
Large sliced onion
Crushed garlic (optional)
Salt and Pepper
Beef Kielbasa or Vegan Kielbasa by Tofurky 

Clean cabbage as usual.  Cut cabbage to fit in pot.  Add all ingredients into pot, except kielbasa.  Bring cabbage to boil.  Stir, reduce heat to medium-high.

If you desire boiled Kielbasa:
Cook cabbage for approx 10 min before adding kielbasa.  Continue cooking meal, stirring occasionally, until cabbage and sausage are to your liking.

If you desire Kielbasa sauteed or grilled:
Saute separate in pan with very little oil of your choice, or, grill to your liking.

Add ingredients together in large bowl, without liquid, from pot (this will cause the cabbage to be too wilted and reduce the great taste of the creation).  

Another great option is use the Kielbasa with Granny's Sauteed Cabbage which can be found here.

Serve with Granny's Corn Cake found here and you have yourself something wonderful.


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  1. This was always one of my favorite dishes that my mom and Grama would make when I was younger. Except they served it with cornbread and rice. I still have yet to find a good veggie keilbasa, though! Just wanted to stop by from Instagram, love your veggie foodie posts on there :)

    1. Hello Rosetta,

      Aren't the dishes from Mama and Grama the best?!
      I haven't served it with rice just yet. That sounds great.

      Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate you checking me out on Instagram as well. Hope to hear from you again.

      Much love,