Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Compilation of Childhood Snacks

Growing up in the '70s, the grownups seemed to be very concerned about children's bowel movements.  They believed most illnesses came from unhealthy colons.  Every Friday night, we had to get in line for some form of laxative to ensure we remained healthy.  The choices often used then were Castor oil, Cod Liver oil, Ex-Lax chocolate, Milk of Magnesia, or Feen-a-mint gum.  Of course there were more used then, these were the top five used in my household.

You always end up with this one person who was the odd ball in the fold, namely me, whose body just did not react to things as everyone else did.  So my family decided to give me all types of snack food to help me.  The one thing I hated so much were prunes.  I could not stand the smell of those things (even to this day I cringe and gag at the smell of them).  Weird story before giving you a tasty recipe, huh.  I know, but it was the only one that came to mind as I was writing this.

The snack I'm sharing with you today is a compilation of things I like.  In the 70s, we didn't do much with dried fruit except bake them into cakes.  This recipe makes it easier to carry the snack to work and store in my locker, or purse, until I'm ready for it.  I haven't come up with a name for this combination as of yet so I am requesting help from each of you to help me name this delightful treat.  Now on with the recipe Granny!!!

Unsalted Cashews
Dark and Golden Raisins
Dried Cranberries
Banana Chips

Just take a little of everything and mix in a bowl.  If you're not really big on sweets as I am, you can add more nuts to balance the flavor of the mixture. Around the holidays I tend to use mixed nuts because that's what everyone else prefers when I serve this treat.  Normally, I would use carob for chocolate but it is so
hard to find in my area now.

Hope you enjoyed Granny's weird post for the week.  Enjoy the snack and enjoy life with a happy colon.

Much love,

What were some of the things your parents/grandparents gave you for your colon health?  If you have a name to help Granny attach it to her snack, leave it below in comment section.  

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