Friday, April 5, 2013

Tasty Treat

One of my favorite snacks growing up was Dairy Queens Ice Cream.  It's still one of my favorites today.  But since I'm working out more, I've decided to do healthier snacks like smoothies.  My first remembrance of tasting one was in high school on one of my visits to the mall with my best friend Renay.  We use to go to Orange Julius as soon as we got there for one.

After working out yesterday, I made one and I believe it was the tastiest one yet.

 So glad I made enough for later.  It was delicious then too.

This smoothie was so helpful giving me what I needed to replenish myself after a good work out.

sliced peaches
almond milk (for sweetness instead of using sugar)  

Mix everything in blender and enjoy

Much love,

What do you use to replenish yourself after a great workout?  Leave comments below.

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  1. I am going to try this! Im trying to get into shape myself. This looks great.

    1. Hey there Katarus,

      This recipe is great. Hope you enjoy as much as I do. Much success on your health journey!