Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Egg Salad Sandwich

Today for lunch, I was craving an Egg Salad Sandwich really bad.  One of my first memories of having one was with my Paternal Grandparents.  They had great pleasure fixing me something to eat.  Although I was the 2nd oldest Grandchild, I was also the smallest of everyone.

My Grandparents often encouraged me to eat more (although I ate more than some of the grown ups) because most country folks believed you weren't pretty unless you were fat.  At least that's what they used to tell me.  If only they were able to see when I hit 220lbs.  So glad I lost most of it. 

Now for the recipe:

2 eggs
Chopped onion(optional)                                          
Grated Parmesan cheese (optional)
Splash of lemon juice (optional)
White pepper (optional)

After boiling eggs, separate cooked yoke from eggs. Put into mixing bowl.  Mash egg yolks until fine in texture (or until yolk no longer looks whole, but crumbly).  Dice egg whites into small pieces.  Add into bowl.  Add remaining ingredients of choice.  Add and mix according to the texture that suits you (I prefer mine a little thick).

Put on bread of choice and enjoy.

Much love,

What fond memories do you have fixing a simple lunch with your Grandparents?  Share story with us in comment section below.

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