Thursday, December 20, 2012

One of my Favorite Things

While going through the news feed on my Facebook business page earlier, I came across a status from @Women Are Gamechangers about being a nerd girl still loving the smell of books.  Boy did this take me back to a memory that helped me to behave myself.

Just a snippet of my collection
I've always had a love for books - paper or hard back.  Growing up, I'd rather read than go out to play.  My mother used to take whatever book I was reading at the time away from me as punishment for doing or saying something wrong.  With my OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) for completing what I started instead of skipping on to the next thing, she knew it would be hard for me to start reading something else until she gave me back the book she took so I could complete that one first.  It was so nerve racking for this here chick.  So glad that was all it took for me to straighten up. I would also fight to keep the other kids away from my book collection.  If that gives you any indication how I feel about books.

I love books so much!!!

Although eBooks are great, I still prefer my hard copies.  There is always at least two on me at all times.  That's why my shoulder bags are so big.  If you see me with a smaller hand bag, rest assure, there is a couple of books somewhere in the car.
To this day, whenever I'm out, if I pass by any books for sale, you will see that little girl - instead of my forty something self -getting very excited like it's the morning of Christmas until I leave with all I have the money for.

Much love,

What is one of your favorite things you were very protective of as a child?  Leave comments below. 


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  1. Granny, I too have always loved to read and usually have a book on/near my person. Growing up, I remember a phase where I'd walk to the library, getting armloads books, and sitting in the house reading. Mama didn't take the books, but made me go outside, where I proceeded to read in the porch.
    my sister is worse than I. She's always at the library, reads a book a day, and cannot pass up a book sale.
    Before I buy a book, I either go to the library or check out
    If I don't "talk" to you any time soon, Merry Christmas to you & yours!