Thursday, November 29, 2012


There's one thing in this life I know for certain; you don't get to pick your parents.  For this, I am thankful.  My parents did not have the best of everything to give us, but they gave us everything with the best they had.  We were blessed to have three parents in our lives that we care about and they care about us.
My father c. at his ordination service

My father spent a great portion of his life working hard, being involved in sports (he coached a lot), and teaching Sunday school.  As I remember, his favorite job was during the time he was trucking for Allied.  He always came back home bragging what stars he ran into while delivering cargo in California.  The thing I remember about him the most, he stressed a scripture from the bible that will never leave me - "If a man don't work, he don't eat." (2Thessalonians 3:10).  He was not playing either.  Every child, at any age was required to do something around the house.  If you were able to communicate you were hungry effectively, verbal or not, you had to work for it.  Because of this virtue, I learned to never to depend on anyone for anything when I am well able to get up and do for myself.  Thanks Daddy!!  Here's a post I did in memory of my father earlier this year:

This is Mama (Nah Nah) dressed for Sunday service
My mother was the one that provided a lot of lung exercises for us.  While growing up, my sisters and I were known as The Braxton Girls.  We were a singing group that had some place to service people in song every Sunday (or so it seemed every Sunday).  It was a lot of work, but it was also a lot of fun.  During the summer, Mama would sell dinner plates for school supplies and school clothes for the upcoming school year.  Because of these two ventures, I learned how to use every stream God has given me to pool income for my household.  Thanks Mama!!  Here's a post I did of Mama earlier this year:

Here's a picture of Ma with her winning smile
My step-mother has been the greatest support system for us all.  She was always there for us as the sounding board for anything.  What I remember of her most as a child, is her love for people.  There is never anyone going into lack around her.  If you don't know how to do, she will teach you if you allow her to.  Because of her, I understand the value of giving back to my community.  Thanks Ma!!  Here's a post I did of Ma earlier this year:

All three parents have served God and their children well.  I appreciate them, and I'm sure God does too.

Much love,

What values do you treasure most form your parents?  Leave comments below.


  1. I don't know who is/was more blessed, you or your parents. I am sure you've been a source of much contentment for them, in all ways!

    1. Thanks Ms. Nell! You say the most kind things and it is much appreciated.
      Honey, I was a trip. They all say I pretty much could have raised myself unless I was upset about something. Then that's when they had to come to everyone else's rescue. I don't remember getting into much trouble because I never wanted to get them upset. I always wanted to see my parents happy no matter what it took. My father is resting in peace now, but my mothers are happy that I am well able to stand on my own two feet and handle things as the woman they taught me to be.