Wednesday, November 28, 2012


There are events that take place in your life when you will need assistance from others.  Friends are one of the great gifts from God that come few and far between.  Everyone has their definition for what a friend is. 

Here is what Granny looks for in a friend:
  • someone who can accept you just as you are, faults and all
  • someone who is not afraid to tell you the truth - whether you want to hear it or not
  • someone who has YOUR best interest at heart
  • someone who is not afraid of letting you grow into something beyond the relationship you have with them
  • someone who is willing to promote your growth
  • someone who will keep you before God in their prayers
  • someone willing to forgive you because they love you with their WHOLE heart 
  • someone who will keep the most inner part of you, the most inner part of them - they aren't willing to share your secrets with anyone no matter how angry you make them sometimes
I don't have many friends, but the ones I have, I cherish with my whole heart.

Much love,

What is your definition of a friend?  Leave comments below.


  1. Having Your best interest at heart seems foreign to a lot of people these days.

    1. Yes it does. It seems, nowadays, that people are saying they want true friends but what they really want are robots. Someone who will only agree with you if you do things their way.

  2. My definition of a friend would have to be all of the above mentioned. And it seems the older we get the harder it is to find and develop true friendships. Its like you're seeking membership into an exclusive club, which only accepts new members every few years! LOL! I have a close few thar I'd consider true friends.

    1. Interesting Concept Ms. Nell. Never thought about it that way before. I find because we are getting older, our sense of values get older with us. I believe that's why we have as few true friends. I count it a joy.