Saturday, November 3, 2012

Beware: It's Be My Boo Season - Part 2

While going over some of the statuses in my Facebook news feed, I came across one that went well with my Be My Boo series.  This lady stated, "Not interested in men who aren't business minded.  Why would a man think that if he has no goal he's aiming for, he will get a woman who is about having a vision?"

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My response to her status was:
Exactly....some come to perform the will of the enemy: to kill the desire God placed within you; to steal any progression (tools given by God) moving you in the direction God is guiding you in; and to destroy the work of God using you to bless those around you by trying to bless themselves with the fruit of your labor.

Of course, this status and response applies to both male and female.  I have seen countless men dealing with the women in their lives with the same mentality.

So how do I deal with them Granny?  So glad you asked.

1) Keep the vision in plain site - create vision boards, get out materials that will assist you in aiming for the goals related to the vision.
2)  Affirm who you are to yourself - the more you remind yourself of how valuable you are, the less you are reminded how valuable you are not by this person.  I learned one one from an event I attended last weekend:
     "I am the most important person I will ever meet"  - Marcia A. Paige
3)  Remember, the desire that was put inside you for greatness was place there by God.  If He didn't think you were the one for the job, He would have never placed that desire in you.
4)  Don't tell them anything - sometimes you have to do as Mary did in the Bible and just ponder on what you are going to do and how you're going to do it.  This person wants you to make it, but only on the terms of how they can benefit from it.

There are other things I'm sure you could do to prevent the negatives of this person to deter you from your goals.  This post would be too long and boring if I put them all in one post.  Feel free to leave a comment if you know of any other suggestions that would help.

Much love,

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