Wednesday, November 28, 2012

At This Moment

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At this moment, I am thankful I am able to back track and complete what I started.  A few weeks ago, I took on the challenge of writing everyday this month of things I'm thankful for according to the list provided by  I was introduced to the list on day 4, so only days 4-10 are completed.  But a Granny is bound and determined to get the others done.  I fell off the wagon transitioning to new schedules at work and at school.  This caused me to have to reschedule how I do things for Elegant Granny as well.

The list is causing me to go back and thank God for everything He has already done in my life.  Performing this action causes me to be quite free to thank Him for everything He is about to do.

Now that my new schedule is set, I have more than enough time to get all post in for all 31 days, get homework done, and still get ready for work.  God is good!!! 

So Granny, GET TO IT!!

Much love,

What are you thankful for at this moment?


  1. I fell off too. Last week was tough on me with my work schedule too but I tried to catch up. I am thankful that I have been able to interact with you and be blessed by your words. This challenge is so amazing and allowed me to take some personal inventory. I am more in tune with my spirit right now. There is so much to be thankful for and how dare I be so human and complain.

    1. We all do it Freckles. I try not to, but I'm so human. Nevertheless, I am thankful that I can also correct myself by reminding myself who I am and whose I am. That always puts me back in order.
      Just as you, this challenge has me doing some serious personal inventory. Elegant Granny is evolving because of it and I just want to say "Thank You Freckles" for allowing God to use you through this. It has really been a blessing to me.