Thursday, September 27, 2012

I Hate When That Happens

It's that lovely time of the year when the telemarketers are consistently calling, people knocking on your doors to provide un-petitioned service(s), unwanted mail,etc.....   Here's where I'm going with this:

Last night, as I was attempting to do homework, there was a knock at the door.  There were two young men wearing reflector jackets saying they were from the company I subscribe cable to.  They had all my information, asking me if I were the named person they called out, and recited the information to me after I confirmed I was who they were looking for.  Now in my mind, I'm thinking - here we go again.

They proceed by telling me they were going to bump my payment up $20/month.  I ask why.  One of the  representatives said, "To upgrade your channels so you can receive more and also get a land-line phone."

I hate when that happens.  Don't tell me what I'm going to receive with my money, or what you are going to do with it when I did not petition you for your service.  <-----My only rant

Now I don't recall ever asking for anything. So being me, I interrupt the young man telling him, "No thank you.  I didn't ask for that because I never wanted it.  I'm quite satisfied with what I have."
He replied with, "Okay, thank you ma'am", and went to the next door.  As I was closing my door, I heard the other gentleman say, "Man she didn't go for that at all."  I re-opened the door asking what was meant by the comment and he said, "Nothing ma'am."

As I was about to call the company disclosing my experience with them, I thought, how many people said yes without giving much thought to what was being said to them?  Unfortunately,  some of my neighbors did.  I asked them about their experience as they were going off to work this morning.  How many times are we caught off guard by people talking us into something because we really weren't paying any mind to what they were saying at all?  Whether out of being busy; just plain exhausted; or not wanting to deal with anybody at the time, we need to pay close attention to what the other party is saying.  You never know what agreement you have made when you don't.  In some cases, you never know what relationships are being put into jeopardy when you're not paying attention.

Beware and be safe!

Much love,

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