Saturday, September 15, 2012

BEWARE: It's Be My Boo Season

Growing up in the church, my mind use to wonder a lot while listening to the speaker.  One of his many quotes after reading the scripture was, "First natural, then spiritual".  He would proceed to explain the scripture to us using everyday situations, so we would understand the scripture better on a spiritual level.  During devotions this week, I read Matthew 7.  This post will be mostly from verses 15-21. And it is also mostly talking about false prophets.  I'm going to venture out and use this scripture giving one of Granny's excerpts on false relationships.

Comparing with verses 15-21, it is important for us to be alert of different people we welcome into our lives.  There are those with a "Charming Spirit" that approach you this time of the year more than any other time of the year.  I choose to call it the "Be My Boo Season".  During this time of the year, someone approaches you attempting to get into some form of relationship with you. Be it potential mate; ace; best friend;  etc..... 
You can tell they mean you no good by their fruit.  The relationship is more you give 99%, they receive 99%.  The 1% they choose to "freely give" comes with a price.  It is mainly for the 99% they are seeking to receive from you.  In any relationship, it should not be 99/1.  It shouldn't even be 50/50, but rather 100% both ways.  This particular type of person usually hangs around until the spring of the year when it's "open game season" for them to comfortably discard you, without warning, then off to find a new prey.  Some even have the gall to find someone else and try to hang onto to you in case it doesn't work out with the next victim.
Once this person is in your life for a portion of the season, you become attached to this person and do your best to keep them satisfied.  Before you know it, you're jumping through hoops doing for them and not reaping any of the benefits yourself.  This is harmful to your spirit and relationship with others.  You will tend to either lash out at those trying to help you out of the situation, or you wilt like a dying flower just accepting the relationship like it is causing more damage to your spirit.  You are much too precious to the rest of us to allow this to happen.  Someone on the outside may see what's going on inside but you choose not to listen.  If the person warning you is still continuing to be a friend no matter what the situation is with this other person, listen carefully.  It will save you a lot of heartache.  Better to face the fact that you were fooled into something you didn't intend to be in, than to try and save face trying to cover up and fix things yourself.

Please everyone be safe!!!  It is Granny's will and pleasure that you have a good life and enjoy it to the fullest.

Much love,

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