Saturday, May 12, 2012

These Mothers of Mine - Part 1

Since I'm back to writing now, I suppose I could honor these mothers of mine in this fashion. Wasn't sure what else to do or say for Mother's Day this year. In the next two post, I will honor my mother in part 1, and step-mother in part 2.
Nah Nah in her Sunday's best celebrating Women's Day at her local church
Phyllis Elliott-Braxton, "Nah Nah", born and raised in Virginia started in Rustburg, Va where most of her relatives lived until the family's house caught fire when she was around 4yrs old.  Her father, Phillip Elliott, built another house in Lynchburg, Va with the help of his best friend.  Mama graduated from the historic Dunbar High School in 1965 (now Dunbar Middle School), attended the historic Phillips Business School (now Miller-Motte College) and attended Central Va Community College. She didn't finish college due to tending to her family.  Raising three girls as a single parent:  keeping up with our school lessons, helping us practice our singing lessons (she played for us while we sang in various churches), helped us with reading and understanding the bible, teaching us how to cook her way (just go in there until it's right), selling dinner plates - chitterlings, chicken, and ham -  during the summer so she could get our school supplies, teach us the proper way of sitting as a lady, the correct way of setting a formal dining area (we always had guest), the correct way of walking in high heel shoes (I still haven't conquered that one yet), all while taking in private sitting jobs to provide for her girls. 
My mother always emphasized to us, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."  She instilled the value of not hurting people on purpose.  There are times when it may happen but to always remember how you would feel if you were that person.
On her job, she was known as the "Hat Lady", always wearing a variety of hats to put smiles on faces of her patients, friends, and others she came in contact with.  Now, Nah Nah is retired from Centra Health as a Certified Nursing Assistant in Hospice, helping attend to her grand-children and teaching the youth at her local church how to be a lady.

Love you Mama.  Lord knows it took another great woman of God to help with three girls from the hills of Virginia.  Happy Mother's Day.

Love you much,
Granny aka Danielle (Danny-Tee)

Click link for part 2 to meet my other Mother

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