Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Daily Breath of Life

Growing up, we use to have testimony service during our night services in church.  This was time for people to stand and be a witness of how good God is.  My testimony today, is how I was blessed to encounter a new friend by the name April D. Byrd through the blogosphere.

April D. Byrd, Author of Breath Of Life Daily
April is the creatress and author of Breath Of Life Daily (BOLD) blog.  It is through her posts, people are able to gain strength from the word of God not only from the bible, but through life in general via her life or through the lives of others.  Every Tuesday, April chooses to share testimonies from others to be shared with the world.  At the end of this post, I will leave the address to contact April for you to submit your testimony to her to be shared with the world.

While reading Ezekiel 37, I immediately felt a connection with this scripture and BOLD blog.  In this chapter, God took the Prophet Ezekiel in the Spirit and set him in the middle of a valley full of bones that were very dry.  God told Ezekiel to speak to the bones and command them to hear the word of the Lord. Ezekiel spoke to the bones and said, "Behold I will cause breath (Ruach - breath of God) to enter you that you may come to life."  As he spoke to the bones, the bones began to make a noise and come together.  The sinews (nerves) and flesh began to grow and cover the bones.  But there was no breath in them.  God told Ezekiel to speak again and say to the breath, "Breathe on them."  When he did, life came into them and they stood to their feet as a great army.

Ladies and gentlemen, I submit to you that God is using Breath Of Life Daily blog to speak into our lives to bring back life into us.  Purpose being, you have to live in order to receive what God has with your name on it.  Later in the scripture verses 12-16, Ezekiel was commanded to speak again and declare that God will open their graves and they would come out; and God would bring them into a place that has their name on it.
What has held you down, can hold you down no longer.  What has held the very thing(s) you need God to supply, will no longer be kept from you.  There are things on this earth with your name on it.  God specifically chose April to speak and call the four winds through the blogosphere to speak into our lives to bring forth life, mobility, and the authority to claim what God has for us.  These things are not just so we can go on with our lives for ourselves, but to testify to others how good and great God is.  It is also to bring us together as one, unifying us to speak life into others around us.  Our responsibility in all this, is to hear God.  Only when we hear Him, Ruach - His breath - will come into our lives and cause things that were dead to rise up and live again. His breath will enable us to claim what is ours, becoming one, speaking into the lives of others so they may live according to the plan of God as well.  

Becoming affiliated with Breath Of Life Daily has been an empowering experience.  Since my beginning of reading BOLD, my life has been enriched with every post.  April, thank you so much for allowing God to use you to speak into our lives.  It is an awesome responsibility.  You were chosen because you were ready to serve, willing to listen, and able to do it.  May God continue to bless you and Breath Of Life Daily blog.

You may reach April by Clicking Breath Of Life Daily link here, or under her photograph, and going to the testimonies tab on the blog.  To share a testimony you would like April to share with the world, you may reach her at boldbloginfo@gmail.com

Much love,


  1. Great Post,love reading anything April Posts. Her articles are very motivational.

    1. I agree. I always look forward to her posts. Her articles raise my spirit every time I read them. Thanks for stopping by to read, and thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. This is very true. Thank God for April. I'm a new follower. http://thesexysinglemommy.blogspot.com/

  3. Hello "Mommy". Thanks for reading. April is a blessing to many.