Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Greatest Investor

Deacon Phillip Elliott
This post is about the most important man there ever was in my life.  My Grandfather, the late Deacon Phillip Elliott.  He was the man in previous posts I wrote about that taught me how to think of others besides myself, how to use my money wisely, to always trust God no matter the circumstance(s), and whatever you do, be the best.
My Grandfather was the next to the youngest of 21 children from Rustburg, Va.  Some of his older brothers and sisters, according to what he told me, he never met until his father passed in his early 20s.  Most of them moved up North.

When I was a little girl, I was a Papa's baby.  Through my youthful eyes, I saw no wrong in this man.  He was my everything.  As I became older, I began to see a few of his flaws, but I also saw how he controlled his flaws and not allow them to control him.
Although he only had a third grade education, he was the biggest advocate for education in our family.  He always told us to do and become better than what he did.  With that in mine, I never stopped struggling to continue with my education.  Next month, my family, friends, and I will celebrate me graduating from National college with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration - Management.  I will began Grad school in June.  Because of Granddaddy, today our family is enriched with Ministers, Teachers, Entrepreneurs, Poets, Writers, Musicians/Songwriters/Singers, and other greatness.
I remember on his death bed, we shared a lot of things about ourselves.  I remember him reflecting back over his life.  One of my many quotes summarizes his life, "Man is only as strong as his faith.  The more it is exercised, the stronger he becomes".  ~Elegant Granny

RIP Granddaddy.  All thanks to God for allowing him to be a very important factor in my life.

Much love,