Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fiscal Fitness

I was in my pre-teens when my grandfather taught me a lesson about saving money.  He believed in saving 75 cents out of every dollar.  I said, "But Granddaddy, if I do that, I will only have 15 cents out of a dollar to myself."  He said, "How is that?"  I said, "Mama and Daddy said we have to give God back 10 cents, and now you say save 75 cents."  He said, "Well what bills do you have to pay?"  I said, "none."  He replied with, "Then you can spend the 15 cents.  But you have to remember to share."  He was always big on sharing. I went about my way.  Always keeping what he said to mind. Not exactly happy about it but doing it anyway.
Now that I'm older, I have strayed a little from some of that teaching.  The results speak for itself.  Those who have strayed away from earlier teachings in their life about how to have a fiscally fit lifestyle know what I'm talking about.  The last two years I haven't kept a record of one cent, paid my tithes, but I did manage to continue to share.  THIS IS SO UNLIKE ME.  I noticed that what I learned as a little girl about saving and handling my finances is sort of what keeps a fire going (oxygen, fuel, and heat).  The three things that have been keeping my finances going are tithing, saving, and sharing.  Just like with a fire, if you take away one of those elements you diminish/extinguish the finances.
This month, I am challenging myself and others to gather what is  needed to sustain a healthy financial status.  Whatever it is you were taught as a child and strayed away from you realized that works, get back to it.  I started the process a couple weeks ago, and I see a tremendous change in my finances.

What are some of the things you were taught in your younger years that works for you now concerning finances?  Leave comments below.

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