Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fear Not Needed

On your way to your future wholeheartedly?  If not, what's stopping you?  Most will tell you what will happen if.....or, I stopped because.....
Fear is the main reason people do not move forward to their destiny wholeheartedly.  There are so many definitions I could name for fear, however, I choose to talk about an acronym I learned about fear.


Most people would use a story about being afraid of the dark here, so I'll try a different spin.  As a child, we generally learn how to become afraid of things.  For instance, I remember when I was really young, my Auntie was attempting to teach me to swim in the pool at her complex.  We had been doing it for a while.  My mother happened to be present one day with my new sister.  My Aunt preceded with her lesson for the day.  It was one we had been working on for a few days; holding my breathe under water.  My mother happened to turn around (from attending my baby sister) the very moment my Aunt pushed my head under the water for a few seconds and went berserk.  She insisted my Aunt to bring me out of the water.  I wasn't aware of any danger.  My Aunt had never exhibited any while teaching me so I was unaware there was anything to fear.  From that moment on, I always had second thoughts about getting into the water to swim.  At the time, because of my age, I wasn't aware of which reality to believe; my mother's or my Aunt's.  I suppose because I was around my mother mostly, her reality of being under water was most influential.
Now that I'm older, I don't give second thought of being under water in the pool.  I still have yet to learn how to swim, but I sure enjoy being in the water.  I get in every chance I get.  My friends are instructing me how to float.   This year, they are going to teach me how to do things under water.  I CAN HARDLY WAIT!!!  
I'll be sure to post pictures when I do this summer.

So what does any of this has to do with moving into your destiny wholeheartedly?  As I was learning to swim as a child, I had nothing to fear.  Even when my mother went berserk, I had nothing to fear.  As an adult, I still have nothing to fear.  What was my mother's reality was not mine.  It was her reality that entered my fantasy attempting to become my reality.  This false evidence appearing real only delayed me for a while.  It prevented me from experiencing years of being an excellent swimmer.  Realizing it was never my reality, I chose to get back into the pool and learn how to swim as an adult.
Ask yourself questions about what caused you to slow down, stop, or change directions when you were on the road to fulfilling your destiny.

Did you continue to stay off course?  Have you made a decision to get back on track?  Is there anything or anyone you are holding on to that will not allow you to fulfill your destiny?  Think about it and share with us.

Let's move forward together.

Much love,

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Knowing Your Destiny

You are no stranger to your destiny.  It knew you when you didn't know yourself.  One of the main things I remember about myself growing up is, I stayed angry so much.  Besides all the things I experienced as a child that contributed to that emotion, I managed to walk in my destiny, even as a child, and didn't know it.  Until recent.  I always wanted to be a writer as a side gig (that's what I use to tell my granddaddy). 
Nursing was my first dream.  I have been in the Health Industry for 27 years.  I promised myself that once I got 25 - 30 years in, I would begin something else.  I did not realize I was doing it until I met some wonderful people via Social media (which is another blog). 
I always wrote mostly out of anger as a child.  Mainly because, children just was not going to tell a gown up how they felt with the emotion they were feeling during that time.  It was considered disrespectful.  So I wrote.  I would always start my letters or poems with, DEAR GOD.  Tell Him everything I was feeling, why I felt that way, and what I thought He needed to do about it (mostly telling Him how to punish whoever made me mad).  But by the end of my writing, the anger I felt expressing it to God, lifted.  I felt better.  I was no longer angry with whoever made me mad.  I no longer wanted God to punish them for how they made me feel.  After that, I would always throw those letters/poems away and start writing new ones.  These expressed the joy and love I felt inside when the anger was lifted.  Oftentimes, I never knew what to write for an assignment when the teachers in school wanted us to do a paper/poem.  I always went to my stash of letters and poems, rearrange a few things, and submit it.  Sometimes I would write a story about the ones I through away, rearranging some of that material as well.  I always got an A.  I now understand how writing was in the plan.  I never thought it would be through social media.  I figured it would be through some publisher (this is so much easier).

Have you always known what you were destined to do?  Have you seen your dreams unfold?  Are you walking in your destiny now?  

Leave comments below sharing your story.  Thanks for reading.

Much love,

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fiscal Fitness

I was in my pre-teens when my grandfather taught me a lesson about saving money.  He believed in saving 75 cents out of every dollar.  I said, "But Granddaddy, if I do that, I will only have 15 cents out of a dollar to myself."  He said, "How is that?"  I said, "Mama and Daddy said we have to give God back 10 cents, and now you say save 75 cents."  He said, "Well what bills do you have to pay?"  I said, "none."  He replied with, "Then you can spend the 15 cents.  But you have to remember to share."  He was always big on sharing. I went about my way.  Always keeping what he said to mind. Not exactly happy about it but doing it anyway.
Now that I'm older, I have strayed a little from some of that teaching.  The results speak for itself.  Those who have strayed away from earlier teachings in their life about how to have a fiscally fit lifestyle know what I'm talking about.  The last two years I haven't kept a record of one cent, paid my tithes, but I did manage to continue to share.  THIS IS SO UNLIKE ME.  I noticed that what I learned as a little girl about saving and handling my finances is sort of what keeps a fire going (oxygen, fuel, and heat).  The three things that have been keeping my finances going are tithing, saving, and sharing.  Just like with a fire, if you take away one of those elements you diminish/extinguish the finances.
This month, I am challenging myself and others to gather what is  needed to sustain a healthy financial status.  Whatever it is you were taught as a child and strayed away from you realized that works, get back to it.  I started the process a couple weeks ago, and I see a tremendous change in my finances.

What are some of the things you were taught in your younger years that works for you now concerning finances?  Leave comments below.

Much love,