Tuesday, January 24, 2012

No Time for Selfishness

Growing up, I was the oldest of 18 grandchildren (since then, we have gained two more).  I remember my first lesson about being unselfish when it came to buying something that was meant to be shared.  It was during the summer.  A few relatives came home to visit bringing my little cousins along.  I remember finishing a chore, and Granddaddy came to me with $5 in his hands for me to go to the store.  He wanted me to get more food to make sure everybody ate something.  As Granddaddy handed me the $5, he said, "If this don't feed everybody, you don't eat."  One of his greatest quotes was, "Think about somebody else besides yourself."  Of course I wasn't about to go hungry.  I LOVE FOOD TOO MUCH FOR THAT.  So off I go to the store thinking about what to get.  NOTHING!!!  Couldn't think of a thing.  Once I got to the store, I started looking around.  There it was.  When I saw it, I immediately remembered Grandma's waffle iron.  I bought 2 boxes of Aunt Jemima pancake mix and a slab of bacon.  I don't remember how much change I bought home, but Granddaddy was grateful to see it.  Not to mention what I bought.  We had breakfast food for dinner and was happy to eat it.  We laughed, conversed, and reminisced about things that happened in the past.

I'm much older now.  I still have the thought in my head about thinking of others besides myself.

What if Granddaddy's message were to spread like a wild fire and people heeded those words?  What are your thoughts?  Leave comments below.

Much love,


  1. Hi Elegant Granny,
    Your stories are truly inspirational and thought provoking. Were it but true that your grandfather's message spread and people began less selfish.

    1. Yes Nell, it would be nice if we all were to heed those words. Our world would be a lot more pleasant.
      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Hope to hear more thoughts from you on other post.