Monday, June 20, 2016

Granny's Back!!!

It has been a while since being with you.  I have really missed everyone.
My life has changed so much since the last time we were together.
For one thing, I got married to the most wonderful person in the universe.
Everything in my life has been so much more abundant since bonding with this beautiful being.
He is the very.....How should I put this?..... fire beneath my hind parts I needed to get me going with all my business plans.

Meet Osei Kufuor - Metaphysican, Author, Counselor, Poet, and Father

I also became an Author and published my first book last year.
It isn't the one I originally advertised as my first book but it has proven to be the best decision to put out first.

Now that I'm back on schedule with writing, editing, and publishing; you'll be seeing a lot more literary work coming in soon.

Going to get busy writing now

Much love,

Let me know what you've been up to since the last time we spoke.

Monday, March 9, 2015


Growing up, I used to feel the need to be what everyone else wanted me to be.  The worse thing you can ever do to yourself is lie.  Lying about who you are according to someone else's standards or desires other than your own can lead to so many things such as, low self-esteem, anger, anxiety, unfulfilled goals, etc....
It can also make you feel as if you are a zombie.  Operating as the living dead wasn't working so I had to change. 

It is so important to realize that you already are important without the validation of anyone.  Just be yourself.  Getting to know the real you can make you so happy and fulfilled. 
Today, I'm sharing a poem I wrote about my experience with trying to be someone else other than me because of the circumstances surrounding me at that time.
Yes, Granny is back.  Hope to hear from you soon.


Growing up, I learned a lot about fear and reverence.  I fought so hard every day to be what others believed to be infallible and true only to become lost like a single needle dropped by a seamstress traveling through the woods as she sojourned to receive patronage for great alterations that made you happy because now you fit into something that wasn’t intended for you.  It was never intended for us to fit into different molds other than the one that shaped us before exiting the canal from the mother land.  It was then that we were already who we are attempting to become. 

I asked myself as I looked into the mirror one day, “Why are you trying to be who you already are?”  I could not answer myself until I studied the history of my people.  After which, I began to understand what was once considered as vain, ugly, animalistic, and defiled is really successful, beautiful, majestic, and pure. 

It is without doubt, since the redevelopment of my mind, that all things about me are only controlled by how I perceive myself.  I AM a living well full of black gold nourishing the future Kings and Queens from my bowels to sustain life and replenish the earth as I pledge allegiance to my ancestors who did the same before me.  

I wear my scars inflicted upon me from childhood to an adult openly as medals of victory.  These lessons attempting to suppress me have only encouraged the Queen I AM to break through the mentality of inferiority and step forth to rule my Kingdom as a warrior Princess does protecting her people from the “elf” translating the right of the mind to go left. 

I love my life because it was customized just for me.  Though hard, it’s good and absolutely no one else can live it for me.  No one else can testify about it the way I can.  I especially love the fact that whatever I put into it, I get more out of it.  I also love that what others consider as failure, I consider as lessons learned to catapult me to my greatest life.

I AM life.

I AM loving my life. 

Much love,

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Granny's Punch It Up Orange Juice

Ever come across something that is good for you but you just hate it?  That's how I always felt about oranges or orange juice.  I've been at home this week taking care of myself per the Doctor.  When the weather does a lot of changing, sometimes it is difficult for the body to keep up without the proper nutrients that help ward off some of the illnesses that come during this time.
One of the things my Grandparents used to do when I was a little girl was to fill us up with oranges or orange juice.  I never liked them.  They thought it strange that I would make such faces trying to get it in while everyone else wanted more.

Last night as I was trying to force myself to get the juice in, I went into the lab (my kitchen) to concoct a recipe to make it go down a little more pleasant.  It was a success and I am ready to share it with you.  Being that I was on a restriction from going anywhere by the Doctor, I only used the fruit that was left in the house.  Feel free to use what you want as much as you want.  Make this recipe to your liking.

Granny's Punch It Up Orange Juice

Large pitcher (mine is 3L)
2 cans of frozen orange juice

Cold water
Fruit of choice
Ginger Ale

Put content of both cans of frozen orange juice into picture.  Add the amount of cold water as directed by can.  Stir until well blended.  Add Ginger Ale to your liking.  Add fruit of choice.

I left the fruit in the container until the end so that I could enjoy them as a delightful dessert when the picture was empty.

Hope you enjoy as much as I did.

Much love,
Decided to throw in the remainder of the fruit not used in the glass

Anything in your edible arsenal you had to change to satisfy your taste buds for your enjoyment?  Share with us in comments below.

Get ready for Granny's launch of her first book on Amazon March 30, 2014

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Doing Something About It

Ever wanted something in your life to change?  I sure did.  You know what?  I did something about it.  I wanted to lose what was causing me to be so unhappy, unhealthy, and keeping me bound so I could not enjoy my life.

I lost a lot of weight since this photo. I was so tired of taking so much medication and not being able to breathe.  Nothing was going to change until I made the decision to change it.  The decision to change wasn't even the ticket.  It was me putting action behind my decision to change.

So many times in our lives we complain about things that need to change, but still haven't put action behind what we know to do it.  Until then, that very thing will remain the same or get worse.

When I put action behind my words, all this weight started shrinking.  And so did the medical difficulties with it.  Next week, I'll post a side by side view of the differences.  Hope this message inspires you to put some action behind your words and create the change you want to see.

More information of health journey and the mindset it took to get me there in upcoming book. Launching on Amazon March 30,2014.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Changing My Mind So I Can Be Healthy

There are times when you are bullied for things you have no control over.  What people don't realize at the time is how it shapes your mindset as you get older.  Not only are you bullied in your childhood, but in your adult life as well.

As a child, I was teased for being so skinny by my peers and adults.  There were so many names and different things adults used to tell me about how people with more meat on their bones looked better.  I worked so hard to look better that I almost killed myself doing it.

Thing is, I ate more than anyone else in the house.  As I got older, my eating habits drove me to gaining more weight than my health could handle.  As a result, my asthma attacks became worse.  How I got over this mindset and change was a great journey.  You must get over how people feel about you so you can treat yourself better.

Here is a shot of my sisters and little cousins in the front.  That's me in the rocking chair hiding because I was always to myself because I never felt pretty enough to be in front of a camera. That rocking chair was soothing to me.  It helped me escape and not think about people's words.  The picture is blurred on purpose to indicate how I felt because of the words that taunted me from others because I was so small.

Children take in more than you realize.  It is so important to watch what you say and how you say it.  You never know what the result may be.  So glad I worked to get over how people feel about the way I look.  It has caused me to live my life over with so many possibilities being fulfilled.

Were you bullied as a child because of the way you looked?  Did it carry into your adulthood?  Share with us below.

Much love,

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Put Your Time In

Just had a flashback down memory lane while in discussion in class this morning.  We use to sing a song in church that only had two lines:  Put your time in, pay day coming after while.  My Grandmother use to love saying, "Put your time in baby cause pay day coming after while" when I would tell her of a project I was working on.  It didn't matter if it was for school or Girl Scouts.

When I first started writing this book I'm currently working on, I was so excited.  I worked on it day and night.  Then a curve came into play.  I realized I was writing two books at once and had to start the game plan all over (3 times).  It's taking longer than expected to get this project out, but I inherited a "Don't Give Up" spirit when I was a child and I operate in it a lot these days.  My goal is to have the first book completed and published by the beginning of 2014, and the second to follow shortly after that.

I just wanted to drop a line of encouragement this morning that no matter how tough it is, no matter how frustrating, no matter how long it seems to reach your goal, continue putting your time in.  Your project will be completed as you continue to do so.  Before you know it it's pay day.

So put that time in and get those projects done.  Pay day is coming after while.

Much love,

Is there a project you're currently working on you would like to share with us?  Leave us a comment so we can encourage you.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Growing Up In The 70s

I was one of the fortunate beings growing up in the 70s.  It was a fun time to grow up in.  There were some bad times, but the good out weighed them all.  Here is a list of things I found on Google that we experienced during that time.

Photo courtesy of Google Images

Some of the other things I remembered experiencing were:
  • Colored beads hanging in the doorways
  • Big Afros
  • Dashikis 
  • The TV went off at 12 midnight
  • You only had 3 stations to look at.  No remotes to the TV, only dials (the children were the remotes).  Rabbit ears on the TV (sometimes you put aluminum foil on the tips of the rabbit ears to pick up signals
  • Lava lamps you stared at for hours
  • Doughnut trucks coming to your neighborhood on Saturday mornings
  • Ice cream trucks every evening when school was out
  • Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, And Jimmy Carter were Presidents
  • Mealtime with the family at the table was huge
  • Splash parties where the kids played in the water shooting from the fire hydrants
  • Sunday dinners at church after morning worship, or at a family members house on the regular
  • Oldie but goodies playing on the hi-fi and we would pretend we were the groups singing (wearing some of Grandma's and Granddaddy's old clothes for costumes)
  • Soul Train with Don Cornelius and American Band Stand with Dick Clark
  • The famous Super Heroes were:  Superman, Wonder Woman, Almighty Isis, Evel Knievel, Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, Batman and Robin, Captain Marvel, etc....
My sisters and I growing up in the 70s.  Granny in the middle.

I'm sure there are way more other great things I can't seem to think of that was popular during that time.

Help a Granny out and post what great things you remember from that time in the comment section below.

Much love,